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The Book of Equestrian Diagrams & Worksheets

Circus Unicorn

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This book was designed for equestrian students to learn foundational knowledge about horse care, tack, and being an equestrian! Easy to read diagrams will help you or your students learn horse parts, tack parts, and much more. This book includes diagrams as well as worksheets with word banks to test your knowledge. In the back of this book, there are additional activities and games such as equestrian crosswords, word searches, and horse fact worksheets! A wonderful learning tool for riding students all ages! Includes these helpful diagrams, worksheets, and activities (and more):

-Parts of the Horse

-Parts of the Hoof (multiple views)

-Parts of the Saddle

-Parts of the Bridle

-Types of Bits

-Horse Markings

-Horse Skeleton

-Grooming Tools

-Farrier Tools

-Equestrian Facts

-Horse Breed Matching

-Equestrian Crosswords & Word Searches

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